Minting Testnet then Mainnet differences and similarities and recycling?

Hi After just submitting to Testnet successfully How much can I keep in the token folder structure, do I for instance have to rebuild any of these files if so which

matx.raw metadata.json payment.vkey policy.skey

matx.signed payment.skey policy.script policy.vkey

You can use the same keys and metadata, but I would generate new ones.
You cannot use the transaction files, you can anyway use them only once on testnet and then they will never work again.

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I would use new keys.

That will change the keyhash in the policy.script JSON. Additionally, you will probably want a different value for before, which also changes the policy.script.

If the policy.script changes, the policy id also changes. And this other policy id has to be changed in the metadata.json and in the cardano-cli transaction build command also.

The --tx-ins and --tx-outs will be totally different, anyway.

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