Missing regular rewards (not block rewards)

I moved my stake from another pool (where I received rewards while learning about becoming an SPO) to mine on August 15. It’s already been several epochs and still no regular rewards on my stakes. I had been thinking I would only need to go through the claim rewards process if my pool generated block rewards. Otherwise, the system contract would distribute non-block (i.e. regular) rewards within 4 epochs, 2-3 epochs in arrears.

So, it’s been that already and still no regular rewards. I use a single wallet for the stakepool. One of the other wallets I have is delegated to the stakepool; and it also has not received any regular rewards.

Feedback, anyone?

Probably u will need to attract more delegators to increase the active stake amount; u will need ~1M for an averrage of 1block/epock

PS: no blocks, no rewards

Hello, Alex!

Aha! So, thank you for the crystal clear confirmation. I get nada unless there are blocks.

I am fine with that, but I was not 100% clear about the system contract. I had been thinking I would get that, and any block rewards would be “a bonus”.

I wonder how many others might have become SPOs thinking the same way…? :smiley:

Yes, I know, this is the hard part being a PO… to attract delegators :frowning:

I have so far put minimal effort into attracting delegators. It seems one must be very visible and active to be successful. Dare I say?: It seems to be a popularity contest.

Also, I want a few more months experience and learning before spending time or expense on all that.

Any links to any discussions about changes to the importance attracting delegators plays you can share? I certainly appreciate how that may have been very important up to this point, but I imagine going forward, something like performance metrics should have a greater weight.

We all could compete, if performance is given greater weight.