Missing Staking Rewards

I am missing staking rewards for epoch 273 that ended on 6/24/21. I have gotten all the staking rewards since I began staking but I am missing the rewards for epoch 273. I contacted the pool and was told they are not responsible for distribution and are handling by the Cardano system automatically. I never quit staking during this time so i am wondering what is going on and how to find out what happened. I received the rewards for the past epoch today.

Check if the pool has distributed the rewards for epoch 273 on a site like pooltool.io. Maybe they had some technical issues for that epoch and couldnt therefore distrubte any rewards.


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I am not sure if i am reading the site properly. The pool was PAT (Patagonia). It says that there were no Delegator rewards that epoch. Does this mean you can stake and still not get rewards for doing so?

273 has been payed AFAICS

Probably u missed the rewards for epoch 274 because the pool had 0 blocks minted in epoch 272… for 273 the pool minted 1 block so u should received a small amount

And yes, the blocks assigment is a lottery… one epoch can have 2-3 blocks one epoch 1 or worst, 0

For delegators it matters the averrage for the long term

Thank you for the clarification.

2021/06/24 (UTC) was Epoch 272’s reward Payday, not Epoch 273’s.
And according to pooltool’s checking result for PAT Pool, the Reward for Epoch 272 was 0.
That was the reason why you didn’t get the reward on 2021/06/24.

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