Question about a staking pool and not recieving rewards during last epochs

Looking for advice.

the pool: [LUKE] Don’t underestimate the Force

I have not gotten any rewards in a couple of epochs.
And the LUKE Don’t underestimate the Force - Cardanoscan

shows that delegator rewards and pool rewards are not available. Also that during the 273 epoch only 1 block was minted and during 274 - 0 blocks minted.

Should I be worried that my rewards are gone from those blocks?
And should I migrate from that pool immediately ?

Thanks for your help!

On epoch 273 a block was minted but all the rewards went to the pool, pool 739.5 ₳
delegators 0 ₳(don’t know why because the margin was set to 0%…)
On epoch 274 no block was minted, again a bit weird because with that active stake they should have solved at least one.
On epoch 275 four blocks were minted but you will get rewards at epoch 277 for them.

If you migrate or not is your decision but apperently something weird happened. Maybe other members can help you more.

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thanks for your quick reply. ive noticed some other pools have the same note, that delegator, pool rewards or interests are not available - what does that mean, or why is that? do you have a clue?

That reward information are for a specific epoch, at the moment for example they are referring to 274 but no block was minted so no information available.
If there are no blocks for an epoch rewards are not available :smiley:

That’s me, I am responsible for this pool. The block producer experienced strange behaviour in epochs 273 and 274, which resulted in missed blocks. It works normally again from epoch 275 onwards.

What happened was that the node did in fact create all the blocks but also forked every time and switched back to a fork without the block a few seconds after each minting. I honestly have no idea why this occurred, only that it started to happen after I rebuilt Cardano-node from source. I must have done something wrong there.

Yes, I’m afraid so. Rewards from epochs 273 and 274 are gone as well as two blocks in 275.

That is, of course, up to you to decide. There is no immediate need since the rewards are flowing normally again and I also set the pool cost to the minimum 340/0%, but that won’t bring back lost rewards and I can fully understand that people are now mad at me and delegate to other pools.



Well I didnt expect for the owner to reply. But thats a nice surprise!

Thanks for clarifying. Dont understand the fork situation on behalf being a n00b, but thats a shame it happened and the most saddening thing is that the rewards are lost. crying emoji.

Will stay on in that pool for a sec, but will keep tabs on the next rewards.

It would be nice if users could get notified if that kind of malfunctions occur, to reduce this kind of “stress”, but as I understand its not doable.

All the best,

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Delegators can also keep an eye on pool stats and historical information using or

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Dude. No rewards again? :open_mouth:

What do u mean?

For pool LUKE rewards summary:

Epoch ROA Blocks Luck Live Stake Active Stake Delegators Rewards
293 current - 0 / 5.1 (0%) 5.41M ₳ 5.50M ₳ 128 -
292 5.098% estimated 5 / 5.1 98% 5.40M ₳ 5.52M ₳ 128 -
291 3.337% 4 / 5.1 78% 5.50M ₳ 5.49M ₳ 128 pool 340 ₳
delegators 2.51k ₳

So i logged on my yoroi and im checking
and the rewards are not available. similar to block 274 when there were no rewards.

Am I missing something?

I can see the rewards for epoch 291

and You can check on how many rewards did u recieved if you know your stake address, click on rewards for taxes, paste your stake/wallet address and click on search… now you should see all the rewards history

that was really helpful. and good for future reference.

my yoroi rewards tab has not loaded the usual graph on my browser extension and seems i have not read the existing blocks correctly.

but the pooltool link is of great assistance!
Thanks, kind ser! :slight_smile:

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Addition to that, do you have any clue why my Yoroi dashboards reward graph is not loaded? Its there, but the pools own graphics etc is not properly there - so I have no overview.

I briefly googled it and if i understood it correctly that it might be connected with the update and will correct itself in the near future? Can that be the case?

In addition to the great aforementioned tools, there is also a chrome extension My Ada Rewards if you want something quick to keep tabs on rewards and your pool.