Moved ADA from Yoroi to (not me addr) on Coinbase not showing in my account

Hi there,

I wanted to move my ADA from Yoroi to Coinbase. If I use the address in the receive section of Coinbase the transaction was not working. So I used the (not mine addr…) in the received funds section (from where I received my ADA). It worked…but the ADA are not shownd in Coinbase…what to do now? I guess I moved my ADA to Coinbaise but not to my account…please help!

Coinbase just does not care and I can’t talk with a Human there!
This is their reply:


Thank you for contacting Coinbase. As Coinbase experiments with expanding into more markets, there will be varying levels of support provided. Initially, Coinbase will only offer self-help customer support in your region.

Coinbase Support



go to deposits (on coinbase) and check if the address of the ada wallet is matching with the address which u used on yoroi to send the funds