Movin' My ADA

Happy days. My Trezor T arrived earlier this week, and today I’ve moved my tokens there from Yoroi.

Of course nothing is 100% safe, but it will give me a little piece of mind to know my tokens are offline most of the time.

Hey @FrankR

The best way to keep safety your tokens is to logout your wallet from all devices. Just restore it in an official wallet software only. Both Yoroi and Daedalus are the official wallet software.

Remember that your coin and tokens always belong to the blockchain, It not be stored in any wallet apps or devices. So, the Trezor wallets or any cold wallets, hard wallets or something like that are not safe because they contain your seed phrase only. They are made by a third party. Why should you believe on others and give them your seed phrase?

The hardware wallet doesn’t come with a pre-generated seed phrase. Nor does it store the seed phrase. The ONLY place the seed phrase for my Trezor wallet exists is on paper. I’m also going to engrave the words into a metal plate for the sake of fire safety.

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but mr frank metal can melt my friend​:grimacing::wink::crazy_face:

On paper locked in a gun safe works very well!

Or store it on multiple papers in multiple locations, enhances the security of theft and hazard: