Multiple account support for voting

I am using Adalite wallet which supports multiple accounts in one wallet,
which for me is cool, I can stake to different pools and everything is possible with having just one ledger.
The same is true for voting, but as far as I know, Catalyst app doesn´t support multi account voting, so if I want to vote with each account I need to set up multiple instances of Catalyst app.

It would be nice to add this feature, do you think it would be possible in the future?

Thank you


Hello Jakub!
I think multiple accounts of Catalyst app is not necessary.

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Hello Duc,
I was writing to Adalite support and they told me it is neccessary to set up multiple apps.
So if you could tell me how to have multiple accounts in one Catalyst app, I would be thankful.

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Hello, Jakub. I wonder if you found a resolution to that question? Although, I’m using Daedalus and Yoroi, is an issue for me and I believe others as well. Thanks.

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Hello Dmitriy,
unfortunatelly I haven´t voted yet, I am still reviewing proposals.
I will let you know if I find something helpful.


I’ve tried voting app and came to solution (maybe not the sophisticated one, but it works) :slight_smile:

Register your account normally and cast the votes.
After finishing, go to the Settings on your phone.
Go to the Apps
Choose Catalyst voting app
And choose “Erase all data”

This should clear the Catalyst app from your previous registration and should be able to register new one.

Good luck

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Sounds like a plan!
Thank you!

I believe, support of multiple accounts is a matter of time.

I think it would be better to vote directly in the wallet, you can refer to this content

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So if I do that for Fund 7 and I erase the data in the Catalyst Voting App can I use the same certificate and PIN again for Fund 8 ?

I think yes, you are only erasing data in the app, not catalyst itself.