My Ada cardano svanish! Disappear!

Hello all! I hope you can help me please. I have a problem. This afternoon i open my yoroi wallet and my cardano is svanished! They disappear! I lost all and i don’t know why​:sob::sob::sob: help me please!! I try to recovere the wallet but nothing happening. Please help me.



when you recovering it - is there at least the transaction history?

Is all empty! All 0,00000 with no transaction history! What i must do

Hi @Roman1,

I think its just a problem of sync with Yoroi wallet. Try to read other similar topic on this forum.

if you can not see the transactions that means it is a wallet syncing issue. It happened two weeks ago as well - hope this gonna be fixed soon…

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yes, or is good place to check you balance if you know your receiving or stake address. So it is likely “just” a wallet syncing issue

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@Bozzo222 @Roman1 check this post: