My ADA from my YOROI Wallet are gone

Hi there,
I have 860 ADA but on Saturday 500 ADA were transferred elsewhere. Now I only own 360 ADA. But I was the only one who had the recovery phrase. First 25 ADA, then 125 ADA, then 150 ADA and finally 200 ADA were transferred. A total of 500 ADA. I need help. Even if it sounds like little to one or the other, 500 ADA is a lot to me. I am a student. Can someone please explain how it could happen. I’ve had my Yoroi wallet for more than a year and on Saturday of all times my 500 ADAs will be transferred elsewhere. Any answer from you would be helpful …

sorry to hear :frowning:
you may check this post also, it seems your wallet/PC was compromised… I will recommend to move the 360ADA back on exchange (out of the compromised wallet)

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It happens too often …


The 360 ​​ADA have already been transferred to another wallet. I just wonder why a hacker doesn’t take everything, and only 500 ADA. That does not make sense. Is there any way I can get my 500 ADA back? Like I said, I’m a student and I only had 860 ADA and now only 360 ADA.

Can u share the wallet address (where the ADA were sent)

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Of course.

-25 ADA addr1qyrcsrjataxexzxal55dp8zu400w9f5qgme3478204vs96n3xh8279zrvfywvpynxy5ws8eadee3lgmur6ff358arzhscakhl8

-125 ADA

-150 ADA

-200 ADA

One wallet address (ending with “l8”) was transferred 3 times and the other wallet address (ending with “77”) was transferred once. A total of 500 ADA

Wired … the wallet delegated to PILOT POOL
Doesn’t looks like a professional hacker


And the person must have transferred 25 ADA to another wallet and then back to his wallet so it says 22.82 ADA. Because of the fees. And a Controlled Total Stake of 497ADA, yesterday it was a smooth 500 ADA.

Not to another wallet. That was an intra-wallet transaction for registering the stake key:

25 ₳ in, 2 ₳ stake deposit, 23 ₳ minus transaction fee out to an address controlled by the same stake key/in the same wallet.

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What is an intra wallet transaction? I don’t know my way around that well. And why did the person do that? Does that help me any further?

And do u think the person is a professional hacker? I don’t have any clue…

Most important: I’m afraid, I don’t know if and how that might help get your Ada back. Sorry!

As @Alexd1985, I also think, the behaviour would be a bit strange for a professional hacker.

He transferred only part of your Ada in chunks with round values over the course of 20 minutes all to addresses that belong to one account that only contains your Ada, not from anyone else. And two days later, he starts staking that amount to a pool. A “normal” hacker would probably have transferred it around a bit to finally cash out at some exchange.

Not helpful for your case, but as an explanation, since you asked: Intra-wallet transactions are transactions between addresses that all belong to the same wallet, the same account, the same staking key. You do that, e.g., when you start staking – as your hacker did – or when you register for Catalyst. In the case of staking, a deposit of 2 ADA vanishes (and will reappear if you at some point stop staking) and your staking key and the pool you stake to is registered on the blockchain. In the case of registering for Catalyst, the transaction just costs the usual transaction fee and is done to register some metadata on the blockchain.

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U can call him a hacker if he accessed your wallet … but til now I never saw one to stake the ada with a pool

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So I’ll be honest with you, they could be two really good friends of mine who I’ve known for over 8 years. But I just can’t imagine that they were. Of course I informed you about it and asked you if it was you, but they said no. Could be a lie, of course, but there is nothing I can do about it … Because if it should be a lie, then it will be difficult for me to find evidence that it really was. I can only watch how you said how much money is in his wallet. Thank you and the others who tried to help me, but unfortunately I can’t do much or do you have another alternative solution? Because one of my two “good” friends could and certainly will have it if, as you already said, it was not a professional hacker.

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I don’t know what to say, without evidence u can’t accuse someone but as I told you will be the first time when a hacker will take only a part from the wallet … perhaps it’s a bad joke… or I don’t know…


By now, you have moved that to a different wallet (i.e. one with a different mnemonic), right? You can assume that this private key is compromised - you cannot use any of the addresses in the BIP39 hierarchy that are rooted by this key any more. Did the other person really needed to have access to your mnemonic (i.e. in order to restore your wallet elsewhere) or was perhaps a matter of getting access to a computer or even worse a phone that was left unattended?

In any case, in order to prevent such mishaps you need a HW wallet.


Hello, the 360 ​​ADA are now on a different wallet, but I am still very, very dissatisfied and sad … 500 ADA are probably several thousand euros in the future. And at the moment it would be 1000 €. I’m not a rich guy or anything to get upset about it. No. I am a student who tries to earn his living with cryptos on the side. And I only had 860 ADA, but now the 500 ADA are gone and some guy has them …

2 really very good friends had the Mnemonic Words that I have known for years, because they helped me with it. But these words have also been around for a year. It could be one of them and I got ripped off …

Nobody had access to my PC or my phone, I definitely think so. And according to the others it is not a hacker either or it is very unlikely.

What I do not understand is why that person does not take all my ADA but only 500 ADA (first he transferred 25 ADA, then 125 ADA, then 150 ADA, and at the end 200 ADA) Why in these steps? And who was it? Was it one of my two friends, or someone who might have access to my PC or my phone. I cannot answer these questions. So I ask for your help, please.

The only thing I want as a student is my 500 ADA back. I am desperate.

Unfortunately, nobody here will be able to give you precise answers to these questions. There are too many possibilities of how it may have happened. In the end, maybe it wasn’t any of your friends, but if they had the mnemonics there is a chance it may have leaked from their devices.

Theoretically, you could track those addresses, and maybe at some point in the near or distant future, if that was someone you know, maybe you could connect the dots.

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Have you tried this suggestion to move your remaining ADA to a new wallet with a new phrase?