good day everyone please help me my $cob got stucked on cadarno blockchain while i was trying to send my $ada from minswap to binance but unfortunately minswap sent my $cob alongside with the $ada hence my $cob is left hanging on the cadano blockchain

So you submited a transaction to Binance which included a cardano native token called COB aswell?

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yes sir that was exactly what happened, minswap actually sent the $cob along with my $ada to my binance cardano wallet and because $cob is not listed on binance, my investment in $cob is stucked on cardano blockchain about 9million $cob tokens please help my retrive my investment i actually need it to support my family pls

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Just to get it right. Minswap is a DEX and you arent able to send any tokens to another address with that service as far as i know.

Did you swap your coins on Minswap and then made another transfer to Binance?

Anyway if you really sent these Cardano Native tokens to Binance, there is nothing anyone other than Binance could do for you to get these tokens back.

attached is the copy of what i was told by binance, validating that they cannot access the token except from cardano themself

only cardano can access the token please help me, i am in absolute need of help please

As far as i understood your issue nobody else than Binance could help you.

Do you have the transaction id of that transaction?

From what you are writing, the most probable scenario is that you sent a transaction with ADA and COB to a deposit address of Binance.

This means that now only Binance has the keys to move them again. They have a history of not doing that and there are quite a lot of native tokens stuck in their wallets because people have accidentally sent to them.

The support person of Binance might be right on “some” level as the native tokens might very well not be visible in their system because they haven’t implemented Cardano completely in that regard. So, in what they at the support desk see, they cannot access it.

But they are already very, very wrong with statements as “contact the Cardano blockchain”. The Cardano blockchain is not a company.


yes sir i have the transaction Id


attachement is the picture of the transaction i captured

So yeah it looks like the transaction went through and has been confirmed by the network.

As @HeptaSean already said, Binance is the only one which would be able to move these tokens again. They are not stuck on Cardano, the transaction went through and has been confirmed.

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