ADA sent from Ledger via ADAlite to Binance Chain address by mistake and still stuck

My friend tried to send me ada from his ledger hardware wallet via adalite. But I gave him my exchange Binance smartchain address. He thought it was a Cardano address and sent it on Cardano. Obvious there is no such address on Cardani, so it did not go anywhere and is still shown as stuck in the system. It’s been 2 months now.

Does Cardano chain reset itself and clear this once in a while? Will the next Vasil fork on June clear this up? i.e. whatever is stuck in the system is back to original address. Anything we can do?

Thank you in advance for your help everyone

If you sent it to a BSC address, the only possible way to retrieve it is by getting Binance to help you. Good luck with that. You will need it.

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If it was a wrong address format, the wallet app shouldn’t have accepted it in the first place, couldn’t build a valid transaction from it, and there never would have been anything that can get stuck.

If it was a Cardano address, but it is not yours, but one of Binance, then the transaction was probably processed a long time ago and is also not stuck, but just reached the wrong recipient.

So, no, there is no reset of the chain itself once in a while. Either the transaction went through or it did not. There are no transactions that are stuck for weeks that would have a need to be cleared up.

Your friend should see in their transaction history if the transaction was processed and where on the Cardano chain it went.

From the original post, it sounds like they sent ADA to a ADA on BSC chain address.

I don’t know.

sounded like wrong address format to me. :man_shrugging:

If it was a Binance or BSC receive address, there obviously is such an address on Cardano, after all.

Thank you so much everyone

Give me a sec

I will ask the friend who sent it to join this discussion

Is better to share the transaction ID if u have it from ur friend… I don’t know if adalite will let u to send funds to a wrong address (not Cardano address)

I just test it and adalite saying invalid address for BEP20 and BEP2 networksaddress


so ask ur friend to check the cardano address (from ledger) on to check the balance

Thank you so much everyone
I am trying to get my friend to join discussion and share the screenshots

It is indeed very strange that somehow adalite did not reject the wrong formatted BEP20 address

Also to clarify further, on that day there was problem with Cardano network, this is why I gave BEP20 address instead.

My friend is travelling and cannot provide screenshot yet until he gets back to his computer. But he says that there is no Transaction ID, it just says processing until today

Is it possible that it is a combination of Cardano network problem at the time + Adalite wallet problem?

Thank you so much

aa processing, then it means you both were lucky… just disconnect the wallet (ledger) and restore it again on and check if the balance is back to normal… on yoroi there is an option (settings → wallet → re-sync) to re-sync the wallet/transactions

also if you or he know the wallet address, it can be checked on to see the balance in real time

Dear everyone,

Thank you so much. We switched to Yoroi instead and the ada is still there.
Must have been the adalite problem (while cardano had network problem)

Thank you all again!