My copy-and-paste guide to blindly setup a stake pool - with a few security tips

This is meant to be an as simple as possible guide that I built for myself to setup the SHOP pool first for the shelley testnet, then adapted for mainnet. It has a few placeholders that I simply replace with the actual values (use a text editor then do a search/replace).

From there I start copying and pasting one command after the other and BAM - stake pool up and running at the end.

I hope it helps those who found it tricky to setup their own pool. For those who already have one, maybe you will find one suggestion here or there that you might want to incorporate (such as enable google authenticator for security, enable swap on your VPS instances, etc).

Here is the guide:

Hope you guys find it useful.


Thank you much @germanobax, would love to see a German version of this on

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