My Deadalus mnemonic phrase is pure poetry

Has anyone else been impressed by the poetic beauty of their mnemonic phrase?

(don’t share your phrase, and please don’t boot me for phishing)


Not accusing you of phishing but this is a very perilous thread for crypto new comers. I can totally see a newbie deciding to show off their “poetry”.


… or to think about: Have I really kept it in a safe and durable place?

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Ok, perhaps we can use this thread to explain to myself and other newcomers how to get comfortable with restoring the wallet. I trust the wallet is secure enough from hackers, but I don’t trust myself to never loose track of my recovery phrase. What if I mixed up the order of the words when I wrote it down, how do I know it’ll work when I really need it to work? Can I run 2 daedalus wallets on one computer? Can I recover/install a wallet on a second computer when the wallet is already installed and functioning properly on my main computer? As with bitcoin, I think it’s likely more crypto currency gets accidentally locked up and lost, then stolen, so how do we prevent locking ourselves out with Deadalus?