My pool not listed in Daeadulus Mainnet when available in network, &

I screwed up with something and have no idea what did go wrong, my pool: MESH

But is not listed in Daedalus wallet :slightly_frowning_face:

I suspect that initially, my metadata URL had wrong hash, but I uploaded the correct one and after a few hours Daedalus still ignores search for MESH

Is there any way to troubleshoot the cause of this?


Also there is not only me with this problem. Now Daedalus shows 415 pools when there are 475 registered.

Another example of not visible pool is DOLCA 550f5dc96814537404c7544175d348262699e448d74005dfa26540d3

Analyzing pools metadata jsons (I have one tab as an indent) I found that zzz2 (in jpaneese) is not clickable in Daedaus and not possible to stake.