My Pool ROA Problem? Is it weird?

Hi, everyone, I have built my cardano pool called PandaPool maybe from Epoch 251. But I check my pool some value called ROA(Return of ADA)? Other people pool always show 4% or 5%, my PandaPool show ‘unknown’ from Yoroi Wallet, is this weird, or I should wait more days?

POOL ID: ed8b9c25260584007c5453650cbad28c163c0c9d01b880f30655c396

Yoroi Wallet Delegation Tab show this:
截圖 2021-03-13 14.42.47

The pools created blocks right?

Anyway u should wait more few epochs…


Your active stake is currently 0 ADA

and will increase to 2k in epoch 255. If you are lucky, you’ll make a block in 255 and receive your first rewards in 257. With 2k you can expect to win …

73 x 21600 x 2k / 23b => 0,137 blocks p.a.