Reward is lower than expected

Hi i stake 330000 ADAs. My rewards per epoch is around 120ADA. The pool’s ROA is 4.68%
It seems too low. I thought it should be at least 250ADAs is something wrong or pool takes some?


how much was the whole pool stake during this epoch?

It depends of how much big is that pool… and what it’s your stake percentage from the total active of the pool… and how many blocks the pool created

Try to stake with a small pool, sometimes it will give you big rewards… u can try to support me… you will take more than 400 if I will create only one block think if I will have lucky and I will create 2… what will be your reward

U can make a test for few epochs

My pool performance

I think you should be fine. There’s a number of things going on:

  1. I don’t know if the ROA you are posting (4.68%) is the average ROA or last epoch’s ROA
  2. The returns you receive are not from the previous epoch, but the epoch before that. This makes it a bit confusing when trying to identify which epochs ROA gave what amount of rewards in ADA
  3. The ROA is not guaranteed. It is dependent on the number of blocks that the pool happened to mint (luck). The smaller the pool, the more likely you will get either substantially higher or substantially lower rewards than “expected” (it goes both ways). It should average out to ~5% in the long term though (depending on pool fees).
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You have 99k USD invested and you come here crying you dog. Be happy that you even have that much money.

Ok, let’s keep this place clean and welcoming. Thank you!


Why are u saying 99k usd invested? … maybe he was smart and bought ada at 2-3 cents …

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in any case,
he is welcome to delegate :slight_smile:
he and we are part of this network, amazing chance to make it huge.

support small pools :wink: and make be part of the success story :wink:


The number of allocated vs actually produced blocks (two epochs ago) can affect the rewards. Also, there are some differences in the ROA calcs (e.g. PoolTool vs ADApools - show a slighlty different ROA). Shop around.

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lol… awesome…

Hola a todos!! Soy nuevo en este mundillo, me parece todo muy interesante, me gustaria saber si hay algun curso para aprender de todo lo que estais hablando?

are you interesting more for the technology, like ADA holder, or like an operator?

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Yes, like Alexd1985 and Serotonin are mentioning, it is dependant on several variables. For example: I minted with my pool (SOON) a block in epoch 238, (125K active stake at that moment and 8 delegators, a small pool) which deliverd a total rewards of about 1K ADA. A delegator with 24k stake received 124 ADA’s on rewards in epoch 240. But: I was lucky (1100%) to mint a block and SOON only has 8 delegators. The fact is: you have to do some research before delegating to a pool. Could be interesting to stake with a small pool. They can give you big rewards, but it’s uncertain if they mint block regularely. But the other side± with a stake of 330K the chance to mint a block will increase… It´s all about calculations… Good Luck!