Daedalus low pay

For some reason, in the last two approaches we were over 100%.

Instead of getting hundreds of ADA, I got a whopping 88.

This is under the deadly After I’ve Upgraded the latest version prior to the release of Alonso.

Again, the payout should’ve been high from my pool.

Does this make sense?

Check for the pool luck for epoch 289


Let’s just say I have a lot, very lot of ADA.

Then if the pool had 106% luck then the rewards that u should receive if the pool made 100% are (aprox):

[(Your delegated amount/100)*5]/72

5% - rewards/year* (can vary)
72 - epochs in one year

That’s why we got roughly 20% of what I expected to get.

What is the pool ticker?

1PCT4] 1 Percent Pool #4 (v1)

I’ve spoken with the pool operator several times and it’s easy and personable.

I think I’m going to reach out and see what the issue is.

Makes sense correct?

ROA for epoch 289 = 4.947%

The rewards should be

[(Your delegated amount/100)*4.947]/72

Now if u go here

Then click on delegators (search for your wallet) u should see exactly how much u received

But you know what is wired? That on pooltool.io it’s saying that the ROS for epoch 289 is only 3.91% and on adapools.org almost 5%

click on epochs

Thanks for helping me out. Made it simple to explain and I really appreciate it. I’m gonna look into it now. I’ll post with the final answer was

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Ironically, when I expected to get paid, there was no payment at the end of the last epoch.

My pool administrator says sometimes that happens but, they eventually get paid.

I just happen to anybody else because up till now I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten paid when I’m supposed to at the end of an epoch.

Perhaps it’s time to support another pool operator :wink:

Perhaps it’s time somebody at Cordano investigates the pool number 1PCT4?

I just wouldn’t know who to ask if the staking tokens were paid on epoch 291. Any ideas?

The rewards are distributed automatically to the delegators…

@shawn check the link below about how to see the rewards history for your address… and yes as @Alexd1985 mentioned everything is distributed automatically by the protocol, the pool owner doesn’t do anything in that matter

They can (POs) to change the margin of the pool but here wasn’t the case