Stake pool paid 1/2 rewards?

Can anyone explain this? After careful consideration I moved to a pool called TAPSY. It had about 16 mil. live stake and earned 14 blocks in epoch 33. It earned 16.6k in stakers rewards that epoch. That should have turned into 38% annualized ROI. In fact, that is exactly what is reflected on
However, On it shows a ROI of roughly 1/2 that, 17% annualized ROI.
When I do the math, I earned only the 17% annualized amount for the epoch.
So what happened?
For every other pool I checked, adapools and pooltool show the exact same result for the epoch. I can’t help feeling like somehow I got the shaft, but I know that rewards are determined and paid by the protocol, not the pool. So, anyone else have this experience or know what may have happened? The math just doesn’t add up.
I should mention that I did wait the 2 epochs until delegation with TAPSY took effect.

According to the website itself, the ROI field is calculated as:

Estimated ROI (annulised) based on staking result from the last 6 epochs

That estimate is therefore not useful for checking that the rewards for the last epoch are correct.

I’m talking about the list of past ROI’s you see when you click on the “quick details” botton that looks like a spy. There it shows the per epoch ROI’s.

I have noticed that data between pooltool and adapools can be inconsistent. sometimes one is right, sometimes the other. Especially the ROI numbers. They misreport blocks (pooltool) or entire epochs (adapools).

I wouldn’t rely on the info shown there much. Your share of profits is subject to your share of ADA in the pool. If those 33 blocks were “generated” by a much larger base, then you’d receive a smaller portion of the pie.

let’s say 33 blocks =33K and your share in the total pool in that epoch was 10 %. you should should get around 3.3K

I hope this helps…

It was 14 blocks on 16 mil. stakers. Anybody watching this closely knows that should have been a monster payday. I still only got 1/2 rewards. I will see what happens today, I may just have to switch pools if it happens again but clearly something went awry.

Now that we know the ITN has no structural defects, we can (continue) to get down to the business of expansion and optimization. This is a huge milestone, and cause for celebration! 庆🎉

Ok now - data issues wrt blocks, rewards, ROI, (and more) per epoch; yes I’ve seen what you’ve reported, and more. I’ve determined for myself this variability is not due to any misconduct, or even group idiosyncrasies of operators as the system is far too new. Not saying forking is directly related to your post, but have we experienced it, yes, but is that madoff or network related? Imo, probably both but I’d weigh network growing pains at 99.9%. A pool operator would have to be a first class idiot to invest the time and expense to develop a pool, only to throw it, and his early mover advantage away for pennies.

Make your own best choices, but what I think is most important is performance over time, as apposed to for example, a single epoch’s ROI. Also very useful is the operator’s skin in everything Cardano. Consider as many meaningful qualitative and quantitive variables as you can get your hands on eg. not only say, an Ambassador achievement, although important, less so if nothing else remarkable.

Happy staking!!

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Yes, I didn’t think about a fork being the cause but it kind of makes sense. It is as if the protocol thought I had 1/2 the Ada at stake. By the way, today’s payout was correct so certainly a fluke, but why did it have to happen on my biggest payday? :cry:

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Same situation here. Receiving first rewards from TAPSY for epoch 34 (19% annualised). Surprised comparing with previous epoch…
I think that the 38.7% shown by adapools for epoch 33 is wrong. Total Stake is different from what pooltool shows…
With the numbers from pooltool for epoch 33 (Stake=35.7m, Rewards=16.6k) that is a 17%