What features does your pool offer?

How about useful features like:

  • Live detailed analysis of pool status
  • Daily reports on blocks produced
  • How much rewards you’ll get every day
  • Alerts when your pool produces a block
  • Alerts when rewards are deposited into your wallet
  • Alerts when your pool reaches saturation point

If any of those features sound interesting then why not try us out by staking a small portion of your ADA with the Adaverse Stake Pool, ticker VS1


As accurately reported on pooltools.io in the last Epoch we’ve delivered a herculean return of 433.2%

We’ve minted every block assigned and if by some miracle we don’t we’ll report missed blocks on our website, we’ll even send you an email on missed blocks if you subscribed to the pools alerts system.

Supercharge your return and do your bit to make Cardano the most decentralized cryptocurrency in the world by delegating some of your ADA to the VS1 stakepool.


I’m sorry but IMO that just demonstrates how misleading that statistic is. As you know, unless/until you get much more delegation, most epochs you will get 0% return.

(And it’s pooltool.io, not pooltools.io)

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thanks for the correction on the pooltool link

as for the ROI metric this is based on the small stake at the time of 100k on the last epoch, since the odds of minting a block are quite remote with a stake of 100k then it’s balloons the ROI metric

how long is a piece of string? take your comment re most epochs and 0% return, this is the opposite extreme end of misleading, ideally return should be based on a stretch of epochs to properly evaluate, especially for smaller pools since smaller pools will mint less blocks but will get proportionally higher rewards per block minted, hence the 433% ROI based on 100k staked in the last epoch for VS1

what is important is minting the blocks you are assigned and transparency about those blocks - a unique value proposition with VS1. With the retirement of our old pool AVS and a migration of the majority of stake to the new pool VS1 our chances of getting assigned blocks have increased 5 fold since last epoch.

Well the rationally expected return ATM is mid-teens at best, so much closer to 0% than 433%!

So maybe better use the “Average ROI” of adapools.org which averages over several (or all?) epochs. A single 10000% ROI or a single 0% ROI of the last epoch is worth nothing at all and should not be used for advertising.

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yes but i specifically stated the return was based on the last epoch

not that it would be that return always

it specifically says for the “last epoch” we had a return of x… it is a simple fact… but lets ignore the point of the post and focus and misrepresent a minor detail

Hi Franco,

don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate that you give a lot of information to the pool. That’s great and should be a standard for a pool. But:

is absolutely incorrect. There is nothing herculean about it, there is just pure luck that you created a single block in one epoch with a small pool. There was no 433% return, there was just a 1.18% return for one epoch which was extrapolated by 365 epochs. For a 433% return you would need the same luck on every epoch for a whole year while on the other hand keep the pool extremely small the whole year. That’s just impossible, so please keep it real.

All the best to you and your pool!