Nami and Flint wallet mix-up

Hi guys,

this is my project based on Nami wallet:
It works fine, but if Flint wallet is also installed in Chrome during the Nami wallet connection the Flint wallet pops-up and the process freezes.
Im totally clueless, does anybody meet with this ?

thank you

Here is my repo:

Can’t see anything there. Not public?

Your repository does not appear to be accessible without a gitlab login and/or invite.

The problem likely is the multiple extensions competing for the same context. Most users will only have one wallet they use to fiddle with Cardano apps so the simplest solution would be to disable extensions in order to test one wallet at a time if you want to support a handful of wallet connections.

That said if you really need to support multiple wallets simultaneously using your project you will likely need to track them in your app and manage security context switching between each compatible extension. Checking out the wallet project repos and/or reaching out to the developers may also help you figure out where they are stepping on each other …

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Even with a gitlab login, there is nothing at that link.

If I go to the console on your website, it says:
You seem to be using an old API that is implemented by Nami as well as Flint. So, if both are there, we don’t know, which of the two are accessed. Or we do know: It’s Flint for me too.

You should use the new dApp API described in:

With that you can let the user choose, which of their wallet apps should be connected, because they all register under different names under window.cardano:

Thank you!