Wallet Verification System For Website

Hello I am currently building a website for an NFT project. We have built the account setup via email address system. We are looking at a way to allow users to link a wallet address to their registered email account.

We have seen platforms like cnft.io and Pavia use a system where a dust transaction is created the registered users sends that specific amount and the address is then verified and all NFTs in that wallet are readable.

Does anybody know how to implement this system and add it to our website or point us in the direction of some documentation on how to do this.

Hi and welcome @peezapp,

Maybe this forum post can help.

We have NAMI wallet integration done as well but linking a wallet to a user login account and a way to show specific NFTs in the inventory of the NAMI wallet in our website is really difficult. We were hoping to have it linked like CNFT and have it show like the inventory on there for example.

Just getting it so the wallet is linked via a dust transaction would be probably all we would need the rest we can work out.

Have been trying to sort this out using blockfrost api but cant work out the right calls or order of calls to get this information.

Like we could ask for a specific transaction amount to be sent to our wallet how would we then use the API to check that amount was received automatically.