Nano x ledger yoroi wallet Error received from server while sending transaction


I am trying to withdraw my cardano funds from my yoroi ledger wallet.

looking through other forum posts, seems like this is a common problem with other users with the

“Error received from server while sending transaction.” when trying to do a transaction on my chrome browser.

“error received from api method call” when trying to do a transaction from my mobile app.

I’ve tried to use as suggested from other community members, however when i try to use adalite with my ledger, It shows me an account with 0 balance in it.

any help or other workarounds would be greatly appreciated!

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on do u see any transaction history?

No I do not :frowning:

then it must be another wallet restored… on yoroi near wallet name do you see ledger wallet or standard wallet?
also, do you have more ledger devices or are u using PINs for multiple wallets?
This is a little-known security feature of Ledger’s that allow you to create “hidden” wallets that you can tie to a separate PIN. When logging into your ledger, you simply use the hidden wallet’s PIN to access that wallet

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It says Ledger wallet, Im only using one ledger device and im not aware of PINs for multiple wallets so I dont believe im using that feature.

when i open using adalite am i able to choose which wallet it opens? the ledger simply asks me to export 6 public keys and i dont seem to have a choice.

nope, if u set a PIN then you must logging into ledger with right one or maybe u are using a passphrase?

The 24-word recovery phrase saved during initial setup of your Ledger hardware wallet fully backs up the private keys providing access to your accounts. You must store it in a secure place.

  • The passphrase is essentially a password added to your 24-word recovery phrase that provides access to a whole new set of accounts .
  • The passphrase protects your crypto assets if your 24-word recovery phrase were to be compromised. To access passphrase-protected accounts, an attacker will need your recovery phrase as well as your secret passphrase .
  • Each different passphrase unlocks a unique set of accounts . You can use as many passphrases as you like.

i dont remember setting a passphrase for this wallet, my understanding was that with ledger it didnt use one?

any other workarounds other than adalite that I could try?

Nope, if u see 0 balance on adalite then you can’t move the funds from yoroi
Also if u restore the ledger now on yoroi u should see another wallet

Yoroi → add wallet → standard → connect ledger and check the wallet numbers for both ledger wallets

should be the same

will have to wait for the yoroi team then :frowning:

Oh so sorry but i am not sure about that… Thanks !!