Need help on Ada Lite

I purchased a Trezor Model T…I followed the instructions and logged inot the Ada-lite using Trezor Wallett. I transfer some coins from Coinbase and i saw them appear…all was good.
The following day I logged in and now the Ada lite shows no coins…how to get my ADA coins?

What ada-lite… the official site is do u see something on transaction history?

Yes I used this site, I saw the funds initially the day I transfered in. The next day when I loged in again through Trezor Model T, it shows no balance. I have the tansaction history from coinbase. Thanks for looking into this, I am confused as to where this has gone.

Not gone, but can u copy an address from and paste it on Do u see the right balance?

Yes i did this and its there, many thanks…how do i get this either back onto coinbase or onto my Trezor T?

Try to use yoroi… install chrome + yoroi extension… open yoroi

  • add wallet (shelley era)
  • connect trezor

See this thread as well. Maybe mistyped/disabled Trezor passphrase: Adalite showing zero balance