NEED HELP with Yoroi wallet, transaction still sending for over a month with 129,445 confirmations?

I sent a fairly high amount of ADA over a 32 days ago from Yoroi to Kucoin and is currently at 129,445 confirmations and still rising higher with my ADA nowhere to be found.
Does anybody know what I could do or what the problem may be? I would like to just cancel the transaction, any tips or recommendations to help, thank you.

do u have the option to cancel the transaction? Can u paste the address used on kucoin to withdraw the fu ds on Do u see the funds?


Hello, thanks for reaching out. No, there is not an option to cancel. I pasted the transaction on but there seems to be no issues, other than the large amount of confirmations. I see the funds still being sent, but not in my receiving wallet or sending wallet. thank you

So, do u see the funds on if u copy/paste one address from yoroi (receive section) ?

You should double check the destination address (where you sent the ADA), and if it is correct (the address to deposit ADA in your Kucoin account), then contact Kucoin support.

Yes, I do see it, just seems like transaction is still working on more confirmations.

Thank you, yes it double checked the destination address and it is correct, contacting Kucoin is my next step. Thanks again

If u see the funds on cardanoscan, than the funds shoyld be visible on yoroi… u must refresh the app

I have refreshed yoroi, shows zero balance. Here is the transaction hash if you have time to take a look


Yeah, contact kucoin… they should provide more i formations, the money were sent auccesfuly to kucoin wallet/address

I have just sent Kucoin support a message. thanks, will let you know what happens.