Networking relationed with blockchain technology

Hello good day,

My name is Ayax Labombarda, I am the CEO and Founder of Innovatio Group.

I am here to invite all of you to participate in the Networking that we are building (Innovatio Finder) today, it is a Discord server and Telegram channels to be able to debate, chat and connect between entrepreneurs and developers throughout everything the world.

On the Discord server they can present their ideas, search for co-founders, team members, legal advice, etc.
As well as sharing news, articles, videos, podcast.

It is a space where they can also share their own content and expand their businesses in relation to the blockchain.

In the long term, a decentralized platform will be created as if it were a social network but unlike the common ones, the profiles of the users and their interests will be based on knowledge and interests and not on work experience or studies.

Anyone who wants to collaborate in this project can talk to us through the different communication channels.

Here are the links to participate in the Networking totally free and free.

Telegram in English: Telegram: Contact @innovatiofindereng