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Hi, im about to lose everything due to this pandemic. I cant get a vaccine (personal reasons) but i cant get an exemption either. My company is about to go bankrupt and ill be left with next to nothing. I have been working on a side project for a little while but had all my time soaked up with the stress and pressure of everything that is going on. My project was going to be an NFT art project, traditional art sourced from around the world, not another pfp. I was trying to figure out how to achieve this on cardano, like have a website whcih people could mint on using yoroi wallet for example. As i wont have a job very soon, ill need to find another source of income. im 33 years old and been in the construction industry for majority of my working life. Is it too late for me to try learn to code? Sorry, i know this is all over the place, really 2 questions. How to create a website which can mint nfts onto the cardano block chain and whether there are any career paths for someone like me in the cardano community.
Thank you for reading and apologies if this is in the wrong place.

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I think it’s never too late to get started yourself. Do you know McDonald’s?

@Trees88 Take a deep breath. You alive? Good, that means it’s not too late to do something totally different!

That said if you have never worked with science, technology, computers, etc this industry can be both very exciting and very overwhelming. Blockchain decentralized application development is some of the most challenging coding projects out there to work on even for us seasoned veterans of software engineering.

Step 1: Do you really want to code?

Ask yourself honestly if you enjoy problem solving, overcoming challenges, and continuous learning?
If yes, you’ll likely have a blast as those are the essential skills for becoming a good coder.

Step 2: Get your hands dirty!

Before you spend a lot of money going to college, joining a boot camp, or paying for coding lessons I highly recommend starting with some free tutorials online to see if you like it.

Step 3: Make a decision!

Give yourself some time to learn and practice coding every day then evaluate if it’s really right for you. Making a career change is not an easy decision but there are a ton of free resources online for programmers which can help you learn at your own pace.

Silver Lining:

Even if you decide coding isn’t right for you the pandemic has created a lot of chaos. Chaos inevitably creates opportunity. For example I know someone who lost their job as a security guard, tried coding and didn’t feel like they were getting anywhere. So instead they got their CDL and started doing deliveries for Amazon. Now only 6 months later he owns his own trucking company and has half a dozen trucks, dozens of employees, is running dedicated lanes, and is probably making more than me!