New Exchange

How do users know they won’t get scammed if they send their crypto to you? Are you regulated by any government agencies? Are you insured? If so, by which insurance company?

You expect people to just trust you and take your word for it? Your website is built by a bunch of amateurs who can’t even spell the word “address” correctly.

By the way, why did you name your website with the word “wolf” in it? Are you aware that a lot of seasoned crypto traders refer to newcomers as “sheep” who get eaten by “wolves?”

Your website/“exchange” name alone fails horribly in the persuasion dimension. Not good!


You’re not exactly building confidence with your very 1994 UX design. Nothing looks professional. Your “miner fee” for ADA in your fee structure is laughable for a PoS coin. And no information as to where you are based?
Big red flag for me. Even if you are legit, I wouldn’t put my money near you.

And you didn’t answer a single question from @PT_Cardano, which were simple…

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if you aren’t a scam, please answer the following questions:

  1. Where are you based?
  2. What is your business address?
  3. You are a representative of CryptoWolf, what is your name?

I believe you will never answer these questions. Proper businesses must list all this information on their website.

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Every business in the EU should provide a business registration number (VAT number) in its country as well as who (people) own and run it. That is the law. The fact that you don’t provide this means one of two things:

  1. You are too naive and have never run a business before -> No one should trust you with their money.

  2. You are running a scam -> No one should trust you with their money.