New italian user in ukraine

Hi guys,

Any Italian to create a meetup?

I would not mind to translate a couple of pages in Italian to help people (and myself) in the installation and setup of nodes, wallets etc

Have fun and go cardano :slight_smile:



Thanks and welcome!

Buongiorno Jointino!
Come stai?
How long do you plan to stay in Ukraine?
We are planning here many incentives related to Cardano.
For example - meetup at the end of August.

And some bigger incentives, about which I will write on this forum later.

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Hi Andreii,

I am living in Ukraine for the last 5 years now,
And I guess I will be living in kiev for long time

Ya libliu kyiv )))

I am totally interested in the project, so yes any initiative is very welcome.



Good to know it
So we plan to have meetup at the end of August, and then another in September (I think if BlockchainUA conference will be again in the middle of September - close to its date)

And if you are interested to meet before to drink coffee and speak about Cardano - you can also let me know


Glad to see you here dude. I’m back in this community after a long time. Welcome!

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i am coffee addicted

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Good, I also drink lots of coffee per day
So let’s meet next week or even this weekend
I will DM you my telegram

@Ukraine - you can join us too if you are in Kyiv

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Hi everyone!
When? =)

When you have time, guys

Next week I’m in Kyiv