New REST features to be added in Jormungander Incentivized Testnet

Hi Cardano developers team,
We have a proposal or request to you if you can create a new “rest” feature that will provide more information to the stake pools operators regarding when a new elected stake pools are chosen to be a block producer for the epoch, their names and also history of previous stake pools block producers with the statistics of each one of them how they performed in past epochs.
These features will be much helpful for all stake pools operators I believe.


The feature request is not very clear. But do I understand correctly that you’re looking to aggregate the functionality of getting stakepool ID for each of the block produced in that epoch? If so, you can already do so by parsing block , or by enabling explorer API to gather the mentioned stats via graphql.

With regards to name of the pool, thats not something stored on the blockchain, and is a functionality mapped externally by cardano-wallet. You can use the cardano wallet API to retrieve this mapping.