What is the best practice to fetch out my own stake pool statistics using restAPI?

Hi guys, I am really new to cardano development. I just finished my cardano pool on testnet, 1 BP and 2 Relays. It will be running for awhile until I get my mainnet up and running on production.
Now I am developing a website. And I am planning to put my future pools in my website with basic statistics such as number of delegators, delegated amound, pledged amount, saturation … etc

Is there any ready API or tool that help me with that ? if there is no, what is the best practice to have it done.


You can try the html widgets provided by adapools.org

I am not sure how to use it ? Is there any documentation ?
Do they have any for testnet network ?

Nope, for testnet is not available…
U will copy the html source code of the frame and u will add/integrate in your html site source code

Okey cool, Thanks.

How about Blockfrost: