Useful tools for people who delegate to pools

Website that lists pools and allows you to sort them differently than Daedalus does:

An alternative website, built by

A telegram bot by Dmitry Stashenko which notifies the award at the end of the epoch:

An alternative bot, also build by which updates you on stats about saturation point, live stake, and ROI:

Android app that let’s you see network and pool statistics it supports also notifications when a pool starts an epoch oversaturated.


While we all have access to an array of the tools that help us make better decisions, a lot of stakeholders lack the background information to understand why certain behavior is encouraged in a decentralized system and why others are punished.

The Cardano incentive testnet rewards preferred behavior and discourages undesirable outcomes through incentives. However, not everything is clear-cut. Saturation is one of those points for example.

SkyLight Pool publishes research on Cardano that clarifies how the system works so the stakeholders make intelligent decisions.

You can find their detailed reports here: