How to check staking pool on testnet explorer?

I’m new to cardano I have created a stake pool by following this doc
My stake pool is already created. Can anyone suggest how to check details of the pool from testnet explorer? I know this is a dumb question but I am not able to find any way to check that out on explorer.

Go to and press mainnet to the bottom of the page… u will enter in testnet mode

Thank you for the reply.
I’m now able to find the stake pool from my id(cb416392997a88c272733182fbdc42cd1333b1ec525f55c69c8effa5). But still, I can’t see the ticker. Is that because my block-producing node is still syncing?

Hi! I think that after the epoch 135 its not working for testnet.

Testnet is it on epoch 135 only

Your right. My bad.

Hi!. I’m trying to check my staking pool on pooltool on testnet, but I can’t see it. My staking pool id is 0f9096930666d7c36f8b53577c84a3e92d0867be616132f0998e097b. How can I check it?

Must be an issue with the pool’s registration