New Solar powered Raspberry Pi pool ADA

Pretty new to the forum and cardano in general, but i’m excited to announce our pool is finally up and running.
Name: SOLAR Raspberry PI
Ticker: SOLRP

I’m working on getting the raspberry pi’s setup and i’ll migrate everything over to the Pis.
Next ill be installing solar panels and i’m going to run everything from a solar setup.


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That’s awesome! I just finished building mine out, I was just writing a post when yours came up as a suggestion. I added a battery backup/UPS via the Pi Sugar Pro for any cloudy days or low power issues. What build did you use on your nodes? Berry Pool put up a good one ( alessandrokonrad/Pi-Pool: Cardano Stakepool on Raspberry Pi (

Block Producer

PiSugarPro Backup Battery

Hi…It is reason planned to bargain with a sun based board and charge a LiPo - it organizes the utilize of the Sun based Control (consequently the Huge Freaking Capacitor). You can at that point connect it to the VSYS stick on the Pico. I’d budget 1mA when the Pico is sleeping and the sensors / other bits are turned off. Calculating the right capacity for the LiPo is an curiously spreadsheet - you wish to know what the different current loads are & for how long to construct up a picture of current utilization and after that calculate in a edge for overnight (in case it’s on overnight) and destitute solar. I tend to point my little boards South-East so I boost any sun at the starting of the day when the battery has been drained overnight. An LDR, UV and battery sense on the ADC is valuable as well.