New Testnet for Daedalus will not restore my old wallet


It appears many have had this issue but mine could be worse. I have followed the protocol and deleted the state directory, then deleted the old daedalus wallet. I uploaded the new rewards wallet and went to restore the old one with the correct passphrase and I still receive the message stating that this wallet already exists. Can anyone help with this? Are my thousands of Ada lost forever? It would be much more helpful if there was a chat or phone number to call.


No, your ada is not lost, as long as you have access to the recovery phrase, so no worries there.

Your issue should theoretically speaking be resolved if you follow the exact steps in this support page:

If this doesn’t work, I would suggest to move to Yoroi ITN wallet and restore it there with the exact same recovery phrase you used for your Daedalus rewards wallet. (Also available for mobile: iOS/Android)

Last but not least, if you REALLY want to keep using Daedalus, and the above manual doesn’t work, there’s also still the option to send a helpdesk support ticket via IOHK’s zendesk website (can be found from the above link as well).

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Ok - After days and many, many hours I give up on the ITN and this wallet already exists issue. Just voicing frustration so not expecting response help. I have went through all the suggestions & viewed the pic of the State files to delete - I see no such files. My hope is when this does go live the average person does not have to go through these things. Investing/Delegating in Cardano and its future will not be for the average person. I have accepted i will just have what i accumulated on my own without accruing through delegation. Ok i feel better, will try again when the ITN is over and see what happens then. Go Cardano!!

I’m sorry but finding them could hardly be easier, Ctrl-D Win or Cmd-D Mac to open the Diagnostics screen, look for Daedalus state directory under Core Info, click Open, delete the files you see there. It worked for me and many others.


I tried all these methods:

1.) Followed protocol and couldn’t restore the daedalus
2.) Tried to move tot the Yoroi ITN wallet and my recovery phrase is only 12 not 15.
3.) Tried to send the ADA to my Yoroi but I can’t do that since I deleted the old daedalus as the protocol required me to.
4.) I contacted IOHK about 10 times now over the last week or so. They have stopped replying to me over the last 4 days and it appears to be that they don’t care and they don’t have a clue of how to resolve these issues. They simply say follow these steps on the website which I explained to them multiple times I’ve already done. I also said this would be much easier if there was a chat option or phone call option but they wouldn’t support this. I have no idea why since it can be free with so many options.

I don’t know what else to do. I’m out thousands of dollars and now this is just looking like another scam to me. How many people have lost thousands of dollars in ada this year already? This is not user friendly and with poor support it makes it even worse.

If you have any more ideas or thoughts I would appreciate it.

Hi @Luke_Skytalker ,

I understand your frustration. Rest assured, it’s certainly not a scam. All things necessary to participate within the ITN, has been well documented and tutorials/walkthroughs exist plentiful throughout the forum and other official websites. It does however, require some effort and knowledge on how to work and play around with cryptocurrency wallets…

Assuming you’ve previously created and used the Daedalus Rewards wallet to delegate on the ITN, you should have gotten 15-words.
(If you do not have them anymore, forgotten them, lost them or anything in between, your ada rewards will be lost: NOT your actual ada on mainnet, as we’re using testADA to stake and delegate here…)

With these exact same 15-words (from Daedalus Rewards wallet), you can recover the wallet within the Yoroi ITN wallet, like so:

(If you did not create a Rewards wallet with Daedalus previously, you will obviously not have received these 15-words, in this case you will first need to create a separate wallet using the Yoroi ITN wallet browser app for Chrome or Firefox.
(Alternatively, you can use the Yoroi ITN Wallet mobile app: for Android & iOS)

This will generate 15-words for the Yoroi ITN wallet. Once this wallet has been created, you can choose to recover your Daedalus wallet (12-words) in this screen:)

Let us know if this helps resolve you regain access to Rewards wallet. Good luck!