New wallet April 6 shows all transactions!

I am pretty excited. I wonder how many bug fixes are in this wallet?

The Mac OSX version is now.


Did it auto-update, or did you need to update off the website?

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@cdufour it Auto updated. I opened Daedalus and after about a minute it asked me to do an auto update. So smooth and simple.


Thanks rickymac. Just auto-updated. Took a minute or less and I can see all of my transactions.


Windows update 1.1.5813 (Node Update #5)
I like the auto update feature, got used to it with all my other programs, pretty quick this time around like last time.
I was surprised to see an update when I opened my wallet cause I am looking forward to paper wallet’s and believe they are coming this month, unless I misunderstood CH, but, anybody else expecting paper wallets this month?

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