Next Cardano Video In Indonesia

After I made my first video in Indonesia about “What is Cardano”

Please help to share if you have Indonesian friends.

I plan to create my second video in Indonesian language. But, I still thinking about the topic.

On the top of my mind, I’m thinking to make video about each era of Cardano in more detail view.

Or explain about what is smart contract. Or what is the Cardano future (which I think very subjective).

Can somebody help give an idea? And FYI, Indonesia is still very new with crypto currency. Therefore, a small baby step will be nice.




Thanks for the video. I will share it on my twitter. A video about smart contract would be nice. At the moment, I am doing CC to Bahasa Indonesia for a Youtube video about Cardano.

If you need any help, I will gladly support. Just contact me again.

Best regards,

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your help… I’ll think about your suggestion.

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