NFT downloadable content

Hi everyone,

is it possible to download linked file from NFT?

If an artists creates something like a wallpaper or a graphic design intended for printing and makes NFT from it. Is it possible for NFT owner to download it and use it as a wallpaper … or print it to his own t-shirt?

I understand that it could lead to duplicating and devaluing the NFT but other option is to set up a digital store and sell directly .pngs, .pdfs and .mp3. In this case a store owner also cannot prevent multiplication of downloaded files.

NFTs could be great medium to sell digital goods that can also be used somehow, right?

NFTs with downloadable content, sure. That is possible. However, the specific use case for wallpapers would need some more thought. If you buy an NFT, download the wallpaper file, then sell the NFT, there are two instances of the asset existing. You would need a way to invalidate the holder’s wallpaper if they sell it.

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I would imagine the price of NFT won’t grow much in these cases.

It’s similar to music mp3’s. Someone buys it and then he can share it with friends. But people with respect to artist would love to contribute a fair amount.

If it will be somehow possible, I’m happy. :pray: