No airdrop sent back to me

i sent 2500 cardano during Charles’ talk today during adagift2021 promo. i sent it to right address but haven’t received my coins (doubled) yet. i have screen shots of transaction and everything else. please help. it was over 4k dollars worth

There is no free ADA being handed out. That was a scam. If someone claims they will give you something for nothing it should set off alarm bells immediately. I am very sorry for your loss.

Ouch, your ADA is long gone. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Unfortunately this was an expensive lesson to learn.

It’s a scam, you may report it to the Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau and on Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video


Guess i learned the hard way. Could have given it to someone who is really in need. No worries!!! Fool me once… !!! 4k loss in profits is going to hurt but it is what it is!!! Thank you for your help!!


Also, be careful with this link, they are promoting an ADA airdrop, and it looks just like the scammers at Youtube where they ask some ADA to be sent to them and you “will get double” or so…

Here is the link: block – Cardano also if someone knows how to report this link so that can be blocked and not showing up in search engines results?

Also, is there any section herein Cardano forum where to report these scammers?

Also, is there any section here in the Cardano section where to discover genuine Cardano airdrops for the new Cardano native tokens doing airdrops?