No blocks for one and a half years

Hi guys,

I am operating a pool, with tik SYN. We have hosting in DigitalOcean and we have 32 GB RAM, 2 CPUs and enough SSD space.

We are trying to keep the pool updated as fast as we can.

Until 2 months ago we only had 500 ADA, now we have over 14000 ADA.

Can you make any suggestions on how to improve the chances to get a block?

More delegation. 14,000 ada is a relatively low amount delegated. 1M ada (more like 1.5M ada) should average 1 block per epoch. At 14,000 ada you have about a 1% chance per epoch. Which might be 1 block per 100 epochs (or 500 odd days). But note, this is all down to chance. It isn’t guaranteed, over a long time it will work out, but you can be waiting for a very long time.


The chances so produce a block with 14k ADA is like 0. You do have to get more delegators and buy more ADA to pledge to your own pool.

Consider joining the First two Lifetime Block (F2LB) alliance to get more delegations. It is an alliance of SPOs that delegate a certain amount of ADA to the pool that is currently first in the queue, and although it takes a lot of time until it is your turn, it is worth it.


I would recommend f2lb with their rotating delegation. Almost certain to mint a block when it’s your turn.