Unity is strength to startup a pool and get delegators

Hi everybody,
we started a project for a coordinated effort between small pools called F2LB (First 2 Lifetime Block) bun not only.
The general idea is that we would delegate our ADA to one pool, using a rotating queue system, until that pool gets one blocks or reach the epoch limit granted,
then we would all move our stake to the next pool in the queue.
Have a look at the rules F2LB - Google Sheets

We have already started delegating, join us on discord: https://discord.gg/zfddx2Jukd
and start delegating right now.

STPZ1 pool.


Hi your idea is very very good! I want to join but I don’t understand how to join the queue. I have all criteria met in the rules.

If you join the discord we can get you up to speed, but in the basics you delegate whatever funds you want (according to a set table) and receive support from the rest when your turn is up, so concentrate stake to maximize block producing chances.



Is there a link to the discord?

I think you’ll find some info from the link Cardano Community

best is to @stefanosu here, so he can repeat or give you a live link :wink:


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the link is expired.

his link is working okay from here

link expired

I’ve tryed to create a new link that never expire but it give the same on first post:

Here another one but this will expire in a day:

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we did a lot in the first week

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We did it !!!
We mint our first Block as F2LB community with LUCY pool.

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and we have slot leadership lined up in the future as well… im very happy to see this get some wings.