No Blocks minted, its been a while


am running a server for a few months now, no blocks are minted, neither there is any expectation.

any idea what’s wrong with my setup

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The active stake (total delegated) is to small :frowning:
You will need to attract more delegators to ur pool (the total amount of stake for 1block/epoch average is ~1M ADA)

PS: this is not meaning that u don’t have the chance to mint a block but probably it will take more time till then




You can follow this to get a better idea:
18.12 Slot Leader Schedule - Find out when your pool will mint blocks

Hi Alex,
The same thing happening with one of my pool which has 257k active stake. But looking at other pool which is having only 155k active stake but is able to mint blocks. COAST Gold Coast 🥇 - Cardanoscan
What can be the reason?

Perhaps it’s about luck; to be sure that u never missed a block run CNCLI each epoch; if CNCLI shows you not blocks assigned then u must attract new delegators (increase the stake); if it shows you blocks assigned but missed them then you have an issue


Okay not familiar with CNCLI but will it work if we set up nodes from Cardano documentation?

U are using coincashew or cntools?

I’ve used this doc but unfortunately, they have removed the doc from there. The steps were similar to coincashew just they have not used variables like NODE_HOME.

Then take a look on coincashew guide, at the end u have the steps how to install cncli

okay I’ll try to configure that out.