No IN connections, topologyUpdater port mismatch?

Hi, I set up a bare metal relay and got connectivity issues, topologyUpdater says “glad you want to stay with us, but please check and enable your IP:port reachability”. Ticker is AVOC, I have out but no in connections.
Probably the issue is that the ISP forwards port 11016 to 6000, I also registered 11016 as relay port.
However, it seems topologyUpdater announces port 6000 and thus nobody can reach the relay.

How to solve this port mismatch with topologyUpdater and announce port 11016?

Have you changed the port in If I remember correctly you’ll also want to add -4 to the curl at the bottom of topologyUpdater to reference your ipv4 address.

On my bare-metal relay it reads curl -4 -s "https---"

Ok, where in would I set the port to 11016?
I see CNODE_HOSTNAME or replacing CNODE_PORT as option.

U will need to start the Relay with 6000 port in this case; because u registered the Relay with 11016 all other nodes will try to connect with 11016 wich will be redirected to ur Relay on port 6000 by ur ISP

Anyway, I see ur Relay from Australia UP on

PS: on BP u should not running topology Updater, u must connect only to ur relays manually

  • on BP topology file add ur relays as static nodes
  • on Relay topology updater file add ur BP to custom peers


Yeah, the relay is started on port 6000 and appeared fine. However, there’s still 0 IN connections and “glad you want to stay with us, but please check and enable your IP:port reachability” in topologyUpdater. Looks something is missing.

Edit: I changed the port to 11017, so it’s the same internal and external. Will see if that solves it.

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