No rewards with staking what do i do?

Problems with staking , no rewards, 4 epoch still no rewards

I waiting i stake my ada i still didnt receive anything how is this possible

Hey @Artan_Arifi

It can take up to 19,9 days, depends when you delegated. Is your pool producing blocks?


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Really? I hear from other people that they already receive ther ada but i am the only one didnt

Q: When do i receive my staking rewards?

A: Lets assume you delegated during epoch 200. Untill the end of that epoch nothing will happen.
In epoch 201 your stake is included in the current snapshot.
In epoch 202 your stake may will produce blocks.
In epoch 203, your rewards are calculated and paid out at the end of that epoch. The rewards will also be included in the next snapshot and thus be staked.


So it doesnt metter if you remove you ada for a day to trade it and than if you add it back on the wallet you can continue the epoch is that right?

Because i got like 70k cofirmations and still not epoch rewards uts very confussing if the others did get the rewards

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Curious basically, you wait for 3 epochs to see rewards?

Hi there, on a first delegation to a new pool, rewards come on the 5th epoch after the stake is made. It becomes active as a stake on the third epoch after stake, then if the pool makes a block on 3rd epoch, the fourth epoch calculates the rewards and the fifth distributes them.

After that assuming your pool is making blocks, you will see rewards every epoch afterwards.

If you move your stake to a new pool, you will continue earning rewards from your old pool until they switch to new, no break.

Hope that helps!

Yours truly,
Ray Mata


Right as long as you keep the wallet delegated to the pool and have the ADA in there when the snapshots are taken, which is right at the beginning of a new epoch, you will be fine. It’s a fun game if you play it right :slight_smile:

Yours truly,
Ray Mata

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Ye i need to discover more, i really want to see wat we can build on cardano soon

And wich way it will go🤔

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Ah clear as mud…lol! Thanks for the information, now it makes sense

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So what is basicily good to do is move all ada everytime to pools to earn more each epoch?

After that assuming your pool is making blocks, you will see rewards every epoch afterwards.

If you move your stake to a new pool, you will continue earning rewards

So if i join 10 pools each epoch i will earn from each pool ?

Hello Artan_Arifi,

There can be many reasons why you didn’t receive any rewards yet on your staking:

  • The stake pool you are staking with perhaps still didn’t make any blocks while you were staking there.
  • The stake pool you are staking with might be using a wrong setup.
  • The stake pool you are staking might have a low active stake.
  • The amount you are staking could be extremely low.
  • Too little time progressed between you starting to stake and rewards being paid out.

So you will need to give some more details before people can help you.

Greetings, ThaiTheo

Are you asking if you change to 10 pools in the same epoch you think you should earn from the whole 10 pools? But your ADA is only in those 10 pools for a moment during that one epoch. That is like putting your eggs all in one basket and then changing it to 10 different baskets one after the other and guess what eggs get broken and you pay the entry fees 10 times regardless.

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I dont really earn rewards joining a pool
More than 50k confirmations

Still no rewadds so i koves my coins to binance to get interest.

So you say your friends are earning rewards so what are they doing differently? I also earn rewards but I leave my ADA in the delegated pool for 2 months now.

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I dont know man maybe i need to keep it couple months and just wait

How do you tell if they are producing blocks?

Go to, you can see for every epoch if the pool is minting.

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