No wallet integration for web applications

BTW the Ray guys seem pretty legitimate it might behoove you to get in touch with them to see what the timeline for their road map is.

Ray Network is an advanced open source ecosystem for the Cardano blockchain platform. It includes a light wallet with many features such as: sending and receiving funds, defi swap, NFT marketplace, staking center and others.

Our services increase blockchain use adoption; they empowers regular users, developers, creators, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

Ray Network was founded by, owner of the Visual Builder SAAS platform that helps hundreds of technology companies around the world build web applications. provides full circle software development services such as frontend, backend, microservices, ci/cd, ui/ux, and more.

Here is their Github: GitHub - ray-network/cardano-web3.js: Cardano Web3 Provider (via cardano-graphql)

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Please do not turn this thread into an advertisement space. All I would like to write here is information on when a specific wallet feature is delivered. I have little hope that an organisation that has not yet launched their wallet software is going to magically implement this before their competitors.

Best of luck to you.

Looks like it could be there in September:

September sounds pretty honest. That leaves at least 4+ weeks for integration, testing, and bug fixes.

I’m still in lecture 4 of the Plutus Pioneer Program so I’m not 100% sure he means what I hope he means :smile:. He talks about “PAB integration with the wallet backend” and “That’s where you have an end to end system for full smart contract development.”
@Luuk_van_Egeraat You wrote

This PAB is used to create transactions to smart contracts

So if the PAB is used by smart contracts that should be good news, right?

I believe Luuk is looking for an API to support ease of web integration.

As an over simplified visualization imagine the developer is responsible for creating, integrating, and/or deploying everything in green. A high-level API already provided by existing wallet might look like the first picture. The user’s existing wallet app is leveraged as an intermediary to integrate with PAB and blockchain.


However what we currently have is somewhat more like the second picture. This is a lot more work and overhead compared to just making a web request with an exported pubic wallet key. This is also not truly decentralized as the private server owned by the developer is used to negotiate and submit all transactions and smart contracts to the blockchain.

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