Node and Relay on the same PC

please help me!

I have an octacore pc with 16 gb of ram !!!is it possible to have a producer node and a relay on this same PC?

I’m at the beginning of this tutorial, it teaches how to make the producer node and the Relay on the same machine?

I have a stable connection of 25 mbps download and 10 mbps upload! to use?

I read that they recommend an internet to be able to transmit or receive 1 GBPS !!, which in my calculations is equivalent to 2.2 mbps! is this right ??

a producer node and a relay uses more download or more upload ??

Sure, you can run the relay and the block producer on the same box as long as the BP is sufficiently isolated at the network level (i.e. not publicly reachable).

Perhaps you’d like to have a look at docker compose. It allows you to spin up both nodes with one command.

docker-compose -f nix/compose/docker-compose.yaml up --detach

Creating compose_relay ... done
Creating compose_bprod ... done

The compose definition that provides the above network isolation is here.

You would not have to build the nodes from source. A topology updater and monitoring is builtin. It works on x86_64 and arm64.

In case you’re not too familiar with Docker, it may be best to start here before adding the orchestration layer with compose.

You can monitor issue [#2360] to track whether and when this tech becomes available upstream.

Wow the docker compose is pretty cool.
Thanks for sharing

@comozo UR welcome

Thanks for the answer tomdx !!!

about bandwidth

use more upload or more download?

and the use of 1 GB per hour is constant or is it only at the beginning when downloading the database?

Some pools have links to their monitoring system, showing memory usage, cpu and network usage on their relay nodes and BP nodes and from I’ve seen the network bandwidth looks hardly anything.

Although, I haven’t checked a pool that’s producing blocks. I assume they will be using more bandwidth. I also don’t think its about throughput but more about the quality of the connection, such as delay, jitter etc