Node does not show up in network stats

I would like to verify that my node is properly running - since still the node have not been a slot leader yet.
So using the

jcli rest v0 network stats get

My node does not show up in the list at all. however in the cardano explorer it does - put there is no status info there if I am correct.
So any hint why can not see in the list - or how can I be sure that everything is ok? port forwarding could be the only issue since the command

jcli rest v0 node stats get

returns with this

blockRecvCnt: 321
lastBlockContentSize: 0
lastBlockDate: “6.31244”
lastBlockFees: 0
lastBlockHash: bc2bd35d6b99c30ec5a276361340bb2a5aecfaf8c2b5f81fa881424557d73336
lastBlockHeight: “23020”
lastBlockSum: 0
lastBlockTime: “2019-12-20T12:35:25+00:00”
lastBlockTx: 0
state: Running
txRecvCnt: 88
uptime: 3002
version: jormungandr 0.8.3-8f276c0

Category changed

my node just got the first slot… so it seem ok:)
by the way in the list I have not found any valid nodeID - the length of those IDs are shorter then a valid node ID.

so still a question is what is a nodeId in this list? the public_id from the config file? Here is a list item for as an example:

- addr: ~
  establishedAt: "2019-12-22T22:35:43.886585284+00:00"
  lastBlockReceived: ~
  lastFragmentReceived: "2019-12-22T22:35:47.332173592+00:00"
  lastGossipReceived: "2019-12-22T22:35:45.724753227+00:00"
  nodeId: 2d87f5fa2995021c3211073854a1fb8edbb99ea2952d2522

is there anybody who see his/her nodeid in the network stats? REST API:

I don’t see it too but /api/v0/network/stats returns only 256 results so our nodes can be below page 1

yes - i got an info from telegram that your node is is not listed - just the other peers on the network.