Node Operation Questions

Hi, I’m a software and network engineer with the hardware to, I believe, run a full node to support one my favorite blockchain / decentralized platform projects at the moment, Cardano!

I’ve searched, but have not found specific information yet about certain aspects of running a full node, which is why I’m posting these questions here (I initially posted these Qs in the Cardano Developers Telegram channel and was advised it’d be helpful to share here in the Developers forum as well in case anyone has additional information):

  1. Does the computing abilities of the node affect any piece of rewards process (selection, transactions fees, rewards)?

  2. Is reliability a dependent variable in the selection algorithm (if applicable)?

  3. Are there various types of nodes that can be deployed to help support various functions of the network? (i.e. high-throughput, consensus, …) if so, are there different rewards?