You are so right, too am a long time since beta EvE Player, and I have told my friends, I wish EvE would start an ADA-based EvE game. I think it would really help educated people with Crypto big time.

Going a bit offtopic here, but since the original discussion has pretty much run its course: you may be interested in this 2019 article :wink:

Interesting article indeed. Though, perhaps and pertaining to what you just said, it would deserve its own thread to get more visibility.

First, I’m sorry to hear this happened to yet another person. I don’t work for IOHK, but I have a few thoughts. First and most importantly, Charles, as well as so many Crypto you tubers, are having their likeness used in scam ads. They don’t have control over how their images or videos are used, much like someone could take yours, mine, anyones image, and insert it into an ad that neither of us approved. Charles has made numerous mention of this in many videos, and it is being worked on, as I can recall from listening to his AMA’s. One thing you and everyone can do, is to spot these videos-i do this every day, and after clicking on them, immediately report it as scam. Then alert anyone you know in crypto to be aware of this. Did you actually send Ada thinking you’d get double in return? So you know, the first big giveaway is they say they will send it to the address you sent it from-which is impossible, because you have to send crypto to a receive address-not to a send address. I’m sorry this happened to you, but be assured it is out of Charles and all of our control. I hope you didn’t lose much.

I’m sorry but my feelings are that I believe the OP is directing his anger in the wrong direction. It’s long been known that there are hundreds of fake YouTube scam accounts for any of your popular creators, especially in the field of finance, crypto, and investing. The easiest way to tell if you’re talking to the actual person or if it’s an official channel would be the obvious :heavy_check_mark:︎ Next to their name and of course the name will also be shaded in rather than non creator accounts that have names without the shading.

The real people you should be directing any frustration to is YouTube themselves; I have spoken to them numerous times, as well as many others. What we cannot seem to fathom is how a huge platform such as YouTube never thought of writing code that would only allow original usernames without duplicates? It would literally take two hours to implement this and alleviate 100% of the scams that are wrought within their site. Every single time I make a comment on a YouTube video I get a reply from what looks to be the creator, they have the same exact pic and the name is identical. But they only give a WhatsApp number and tell me to message them. No creator would do that in a comment section first of all, and there’s no :heavy_check_mark: Or name shading so it’s obvious. Unfortunately you fell victim to one of these scammers. It sucks but you really must be vigilant next time. And I encourage you to insist that YouTube implements a one username per person policy, otherwise this will never end.

I got scammed too! Lost 2500 ADA. Honestly, I find it ridiculous that nothing can be done about it either. I accept full responsibility since I didn’t do my due diligence in researching first but I must admit, part of it stemmed from greed. I guess that’s what we get for going decentralized lol. I’m starting to lose hope on Cardano, especially now when I try and claim my rewards on Yoroi, a msg pops up saying “Error received from server while sending transaction”. As a community, we’re pushing for crypto and being decentralized, but how can we move forward if we can’t even deter fraud and since all transactions are publicized?? It’s like the wild wild west out here.


That part is a life lesson. Nearly nowhere on earth you get valuable things for free. If you get it there are strings attached, or its a scam. Always get info

  • who you are dealing with?
  • since when is it running (legit? address? persons?)
  • why would the other party give gifts. find a reason.
  • do other users have experience with it?
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WELCOME @billee_ho ! I apologize that your introduction to Cardano started in such a terrible way! :frowning_face:

Others appreciate the fact you are willing to share your story. :+1:

I cannot imagine how you must feel and I agree with you: it’s like the wild wild west or the California Gold Rush. I saw an article headline the other day stating that Crypto Scams have increased by 1,000%. Regulation and protections are inevitably coming, I feel.

I would not let this situation dissuade you from Cardano specifically. The crypto community as a whole is treading into uncharted territory - but scammers are as old as time. I’ve found the Cardano community to be one of the most ‘forward-thinking’ communities out there.

Thank you for your honesty when you stated:

I accept full responsibility since I didn’t do my due diligence in researching first but I must admit, part of it stemmed from greed.

Take Care.

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Maybe so, but as far as laws and regulations go, it’s often limited to the country you’re in, and scammers are abroad. The only long-term protection is handling the root cause.

Probably true for the community, however I would hope for the CF to be as much «forward thinking». We can educate, but we will not eradicate greed.

« All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing »
– Edmund Burke


The issue was probably you tried during processing last epoch.

I am sincerelly likely the Cardano community has people like you to educate people not only be cautious and forward thinking but also to do a bit research before supporting anyone with anything. Even my mom was scammed by guy to send him money to visit her on Christmas and she instantly bought new furniture. luckily she was at least listening my stories about 25yo russian and ukraininian females comming to visit me every month for 500EURos and so she saved money to send guy directly and well furniture was expensive but is hers.

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