Now a new roadmap

Now what,what changes? What will be the impact on investors’ dwindling value of their ADA holdings?Will Shelley be put back?And,not to worry,we’ll just use the bitcoin holdings to fund the project beyond 2020.To me this is starting to sound a bit shakey.95% of these cryptos will die and if you haven’t got alternative ways to fund your project besides selling your bitcoin you may have financial problems.Shelley needs to be released as promised or investors will bail.

Nothing man. ADA doesn’t make trader rich

How can it be “shakey” as you say if we don’t know how the roadmap will be changed? What if they change it to show that all the milestones are going to be reached faster than expected?

How do you complain about something you don’t know about?


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Sounds like they gonna have money problems if they only got their bitcoin to sell to fund after 2020 and besides if it all up and running why isnt it self funding?

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If they still have btc good.And if the price of btc raises even better.
So no financial problems yet.And great transparency.