OBFT Hardfork on Mainnet has happened

The OBFT Hardfork occurred about 45 minutes ago (21:44:51 UTC) and so far seems to have gone smoothly.

Its important to note that this hardfork is simply a network upgrade, not a chain split that results in two distinct tokens after the fork.

The need for this OBFT hardfork has been explained elsewhere, eg OBFT Hard Fork on Cardano Byron Testnet

Update: I should also note that the code needed to handle OBFT has been in production since May 2019.


yep, kept my cardano-node open and running all the time. not a single glitch or error. well done IOHK!!!

looking forward to the haskell testnet jormungandr node. :slight_smile:

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It has been very thoroughly tested (code was basically finished about a year ago) but then bugs were found on testnet and staging that needed to be fixed (bug fixing was done by about May).

There are still a couple more milestones that I would like to see us pass:

  • Passing slot 2160 of this epoch (rollbacks of more than 2150 slots are disallowed in the protocol)
  • Passing into the next epoch (happens in about 5 days time)

Obviously both of these milestones have been passed on the testnet and staging, so it should go off without a hitch.

This is one step closer to decentraiisation on mainnet.


Fantastic news! Thank you very much for sharing this!

Slot 2160 passed… Epoch 177 will be fine too, i know it. :wink:

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